Welcome to the SS, LF, BD, dB!

This is the Super Secret, Lightning Fast, Back Door, dataBase for the Hamline Course schedule. It was created by Andy Rundquist as a fun project to flex his php scripting muscles. He scraped all the public information from the piperline course schedule and repackaged it into this. Enjoy!

choose a term

Once you've picked a term, you'll start by choosing a department. Then all the courses for that department in that term will be displayed. At that point nearly everything is click-able, so that you can see all courses that share, say, that instructor, or that room, or that time, or that area of study, or that Hamline Plan letter. You can also see full lists of those choices using the menus at the top.

Note that you can also see the full history of teaching for a particular instructor if you go to the "instructors" link in the menu. All instructors are listed with a "history" link next to each.